Who we are

10 or so years ago Tom and his son Mac decided to ride in MS-TRAM (Mac's aunt Mary has MS – they rode for her).  The next year, Tom invited Ben and his daughter Mara to join them and they decided to call themselves Pirates in Tight Pants.  Next, they were joined by Mac’s friend Derek.  The year after neither Derek nor Mac returned, but the team gained a bunch of others for a team of about 10.  That was the year that Tom met Pam – who has MS and now rides with us!  One year she not only rode with us, but was the MS-TRAM Ambassador and sort of a rolling celeb

The make-up of the pirate team has changed from year to year but has the number has held at around 20+ team members.

The team's main focus is MS TRAM.  Some members participate in other MS events and other cycling events throughout the year but our "reason for being" to do TRAM every year.

What is MS TRAM?

The MS is for Multiple Sclerosis.  TRAM stands for The Ride Across Minnesota.  (I've tried really hard not to call it the TRAM since that would make it the The Ride Across Minnesota).  MS TRAM is an annual bike tour to raise money for and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.  Participants ride an average of 50-60 miles a day for 5 days. It takes place at the end of July and the route changes from year to year.  Go here to learn more about TRAM or visit the National MS Society site to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis.

Gone but not forgotten

Several years ago fellow pirate Ken Hammerschmidt lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  Ken was always in a good mood and could be counted on to sing his way through spin class.  We miss you Ken!

Cool!  Where can I get me some of that pirate stuff?

Visit our team store to check out jerseys and shirts.  If you are interested in purchasing something, let us know through the contact link and we'll let you know about availability and shipping costs.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be a pirate too!  How do I join?

Send us an email with your name and other info and we'll ready the plank, er, I mean; we'll reply in a prompt and courteous manner.

Sponsor a Pirate.

Click here to go the PITP MS TRAM team site where you can make a tax-deductible donation.

Twin Cites/Minnesota Cycling Events

Visit the Team Page to see a calendar of Minnesota Cycling Events

Watch the bicycling safety video put together by our own pirate Emily!

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